[How to make pie cakes in the northeast]_how to do_practices

[How to make pie cakes in the northeast]_how to do_practices

Baked bread is a kind of pasta that is very common in the northeast and other northern regions. It is similar to hand-cooked bread. It uses dough to put the vegetables and meat to be added, but the noodles are not the same as the dishes.

The noodles of the cake are made by yourself, instead of half of the cold water and half of the hot water, the noodles will be more glutinous.

Then when cooking the side dishes, put the noodles around the iron pan and cook them together. The flavour of the meat will be absorbed into the noodles all at once.

Ingredients Ingredients Pork belly 250g Beans 250g Potatoes 2 Auxiliary oil Appropriate amount of salt Appropriate amount of soy sauce Appropriate amount of rice wine Appropriate amount of cotton sugar Appropriate amount of green pepper Onion Appropriate amount of garlic Appropriate amount of ginger Appropriate amount of noodles

Whole garlic, chopped green onions, shredded ginger.


Pork belly slices, 3.

Cut potatoes into pieces and sliced beans.


Put it out of the pan and put the garlic and pork belly together, it will fry the garlic flavor, the meat will be fried out, golden on both sides, 5.

Add peppercorn, shallot, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, stir fry, 6.

Add beans, stir fry, 7.

Add potatoes, stir well, then add salt, soy sauce, sugar, 8.

Stir-fry evenly, add water, and never eaten!


Start preparing noodles, mix the noodles with half hot water and half cold water, and wake up for 5 minutes.


Catch the bar, put salt, oil, 11.

Stacked so wide from one end, 12.

Close the sides after folding, 13.

Rush into a pancake, put it in the pan, pierce a few eyes with chopsticks, 14.

Slowly simmer for 20 minutes on low heat!

Tips For noodles, you need half hot water and half cold water, so the cake will be more vigorous!

Put garlic and meat first, fried garlic, it tastes very fragrant, and the meat is not greasy!

Number of home-made wok pancake recipes: 3528 (calorie), main ribs, 500 potatoes, one or two methods / step 1.

Make the dough well in advance, live the yeast, and put it in the yogurt machine for five or six hours.


Hot pot of cold oil, put all kinds of ingredients at the same time, at a glance!

Stir fry!


Put the ribs that have been pre-simmered in water and stir fry at the same time. Season with seafood soy sauce. If you like soy sauce, you can also add bean paste, and fry for two or three minutes.


Add potatoes and beans to stir well.


Add fresh water without ingredients.


Add three portions of the floured noodles, wipe off the oil in the middle, and roll into a dough smaller than the pan.

The fire is boiling and cover the rolled pasta.
Xiaohuo waited about twenty minutes!


When it’s cooked, it’s also served with vegetable soup!

The glutinous glutinous rice, the vegetables are fragrant, sprinkle some chicken essence into the pot, and the pot is out!

Note 1: Don’t roll the dough into a thin sheet, otherwise it will easily affect the level.

2. After rolling out the noodles, it is best to awake for a while before entering the pot, the noodles will be softer.

I went straight into the pot before I woke up.

3. If the flour is not added with yeast, the cake will be more vigorous.

But it’s a bit dry.

4. If there are many people, you can make two cakes, and put one bean in the pot as soon as it is in the pot. The whole stew process is enough time for two cakes.