[How to remove pumpkin tips]_How to do_How to do

[How to remove pumpkin tips]_How to do_How to do

Pumpkin is full of treasures, pumpkin flesh can be eaten, pumpkin seeds can also be eaten, pumpkin tips are even more delicious.

Pumpkin tip is part of pumpkin vine. Many people like to use pumpkin tip to make various substitutions, because pumpkin tip can have anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, clearing dampness and heat, cough, lower blood pressure and so on.

If you want to eat pumpkin tips, how do you peel them?

The following is a certain method of pumpkin tip, everyone can come and learn.

First, the method of pumpkin tip material: pumpkin tip half a catty, garlic 2-3 petals, salt and MSG correction steps: 1, pumpkin tip peeled off the hairy outer skin, washed and drained, and cut into small pieces; 2,Mince the garlic cloves for later use; 3, pour a small amount of oil in the pan, add the garlic seeds to a small fire; 4. pour the pumpkin tips, stir-fry on high heat; 5, the pumpkin tips slightly soften, add salt and MSG and stir well, then fryThe pan is ready in about a minute.

If you like to eat softer, you can add a little water and cook for a while. When you lift the pan, hook it a little thin, and it will taste smoother.

Tips: 1. The outer layer of pumpkin tip must be removed. The removal method is very simple. Hold it with your nails from the edge of the stem and gently peel it off. 2. If it is used as a slimming recipe, the oil in this dishYou do n’t need to add more, but if you want to fry more, you can add more oil to this dish. You can also cut the pumpkin tips into minced pieces, and you can eat them with porridge in the morning.Don’t be afraid of spicy, you can cut some fresh red pepper shreds and add pumpkin tips to the pot, the flavor and color are even better.

Second, the practice of pumpkin tip Main ingredients: 500g of pumpkin tip auxiliary oil, salt, garlic, red pepper, and pepper. Steps: 1.

Prepare 2 pumpkin tips.

Tear off the fur on the surface 3.

Wash 4.

Let go of the water and let it go 5.

Squeeze off excess water and cut into sections 6.

Prepare red pepper and garlic 7.

Add red pepper and garlic to the pan and fry the aroma 8.

Stir-fry pumpkin tips and salt 9.

Fry well to turn off the fire. Tip: Be sure to tear off the fur on the surface when you choose the tip of the pumpkin, so that you will not feel the fur on the mouth when you eat it.

Pumpkin tip, pumpkin flower, and pumpkin leaf are all very healthy green vegetables. Pumpkin tip is crisp and refreshing. It is said that it also has anti-aging beauty, clears the lungs, and lowers blood pressure.

The pumpkin tip is rich in protein, multivitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium. It contains nutrients many times higher than other parts of the pumpkin, especially the carotene content is very rich.

The pumpkin tip is particularly suitable for girls. Eat more to nourish blood and regulate menstruation. Your aunt is normal, and her complexion is just fine.

Pumpkin tip has high cellulose content, which can effectively prevent constipation, and can also make the complexion better.